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Kids in Philanthropy (KIP) is a sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation. It is an innovative philanthropic fund created to teach children the art and skill of giving. KIP focuses on building social awareness, a social conscience and a practice of giving in kids for kids.

Children aged from five to 18 are encouraged to participate in KIP along with their families, forging stronger connections between parents and children around their values and giving.

KIP kids continue to develop a greater social awareness, a social conscience, the skill of giving and desire to give. It creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, friendship, encouraging a spirit of sharing and cultural exchange. They really respond to the notion of active compassion and will easily engage in a culture of philanthropy. They realise quickly that their actions can make a difference

We involve children in workshops to teach them about all aspects of philanthropy, guiding them through fundraising and the development of programs to help make a genuine difference to the lives of their peers living in Sydney and Melbourne’s most disadvantaged suburbs. We also hold many events enabling the kids from KIP and the programs they fund to work together and celebrate their achievements.

The first project KiP funded in Sydney was a technology and Learning Program designed specifically for children in the middle years aged 8 to 12 years olds, who attend various schools in the Local Government Area in Sydney’s south west – one of Sydney’s most disadvantaged regions.

Developed as a result of extensive community consultation working with local council and schools, the Technology and Learning program is continuing for its 2nd year and provides the most disadvantaged children with the opportunity to participate in technology, music, art and sporting programs – activities and care they might otherwise miss out on.

The key factor influencing the decision to fund the program was to provide much need support to disadvantaged children during their key years of development, especially those at risk of social, learning and developmental issues.
Research shows a direct link between giving, good health and happiness – and lets face it, as parents that’s what we all want for our kids. Yet we increasingly find kids in privileged suburbs have little involvement and awareness of how other children may live, even in their own city.

Children often demonstrate an innate desire to help and give, KIP provides a vehicle for them to do so, working together with their family and peers.

Kids, parents, families and schools can participate in our various programs by attending our events, fundraising or volunteering for KIP.

We want to bring philanthropy back into the home, make it the heart of dinner time conversation and most of all we want to spread the benefits of giving – not only among the families involved but through the communities that benefit.


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