Hangout for the Homeless

Hangout for the homeless logo

Hangout for the Homeless is an annual fundraising event run by KiP. Hangout for the Homeless was launched in 2013, and to date, has raised over $100,000 for youth homelessness in Australia.

1 night, 2 fantastic events. Give up your bed for one night or join us at Hangout Hands On to help homeless youths this winter.

How does the night run?

Hangout for the Homeless is a night where we ask kids and families to sleep rough. Sleep rough for this event means no sleeping in a bed! Participants can be as adventurous and creative as they feel…. Perhaps a tent in the backyard or some cardboard on the floor…. Perhaps a sleep-out at school and getting entire year levels involved…. all we ask is that people get into the spirit of things and raise awareness and funds for the children and families who do not have a safe and secure place to sleep at night. Registration $5 per person. Register to sleep rough here.

Hangout Hands On

It’s back changemakers! Come along on Saturday 1 June for some hands on volunteering. You will be packing, sorting and making for local grassroots organisations who work with disadvantaged youths/families. This year, you are able to fundraise for Lighthouse by attending this event. Awesome. Tickets $15 per person. Buy tickets here.