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Agents for Change is a tailor-made program for schools which empowers and educates young people to assist others in need.

Agents for Change is customised to your school’s needs, areas of study, curriculum, and timetable. We can run a variety of sessions ranging from a 2-hour workshop to a unit-based project that is implemented over a term. We also run ½ day or full day hands-on volunteering sessions that can be focussed around a social issue that the students would like to address.

We love inviting our local charity partners to participate – this allows students to get up close to the organisation they are helping, ask questions, and understand the positive impact of their volunteering.

Children who have participated in KiP sessions remain engaged from start to finish and will leave with the following benefits;

  • increased sense of empathy for others
  • a greater understanding of philanthropy
  • heightened sense of well-being through the act of helping others
  • tools and practical skills on how to be a changemaker within their community
  • a desire to do more to help others

Our programs help create a positive context for an entire generation of young Australians, giving them the exposure and opportunities to take up responsibilities, learn leadership skills and, ultimately, make a difference in the world.

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Workshop - Kids in Philanthropy


We offer workshops in philanthropy that are tailor made (both content and duration) to the schools requirements/needs. We cover a range of topics and can focus on an area of study or enquiry you may be covering. Cost varies based on number of people and length of session.

We also offer a unit based small project where we come into the school once a week for a term, and work with your students to run a project that is graded and aligned to the curriculum.

Pitch for change

KiP Pitch for Change

Pitch for change is an event for your school that has a focus on fundraising, philanthropic giving, decision-making and volunteering. Students are given an opportunity to get involved in different charities (hands on element), learn about what they do for the community, and then decide who they want to support with a philanthropic gift.

Cost: approximately $30 per student plus materials.

Guest speaker at event

Guest Speaker

We have a large pool of inspirational young people that can come and talk to your class, many who have experienced homelessness or hardships throughout their childhood. We always attend the session with a facilitator who will run some introductory activities and interview the guest speaker.

Cost $300 (may change based on session duration)

Agents for Change - Kids in Philanthropy

Volunteering sessions

We come to your school with grass roots organisations and run a half or full day volunteering session, where the students will pack, sort, make and do different things that will have long lasting impact on our community. The students will get up close and feel the issues so they can make a real connection to their philanthropic journey.

Cost: full day $2,000, half day $1,500. Please note, cost may change depending on materials required.

A message from Alex Scott Year 9 program coordinator
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School:

“Kids in Philanthropy spoke to our year 9 cohort as part of a focus on social enterprises and ways in which individuals can make a difference. Their important message on homelessness was delivered in an engaging and thought provoking manner and our students gained both a genuine sense of empathy and empowerment from the experience. They were thoroughly professional to deal with throughout the booking process and in the lead up to the session with the boys. The feedback from students and staff alike was incredibly positive and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other schools.”